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No matter your experience

Whether you're a seasoned mixologist or someone who barely knows their martini from their mojito, Casa has your back.  We will be your guide, your shepherd, your one stop shop for dependable, affordable and high quality go -to spirits and cocktails.

Our promise to you?

Great spirits, no bull, and a twist of humour in every sip. Welcome to the Casa family, where good booze is always on the menu.

Casa is the brainchild of founder Max Dent. Max has been in the game for 8 years and has always been on the hunt for a one stop shop for good grog. Alas, he couldn’t find one. Then along came Casa, house spirits and cocktails made easy! 

Casa; spanish for house. A place where you have everything you need under the one roof. A place where you feel relaxed, at ease and where you can truly be yourself. We want all our visitors to feel like they are hanging out at their best friends place, blasting their favourite playlist and having the greatest dance party the world has ever seen.  So kick back and relax! After all, mi casa su casa.