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Bar Tap Badge of the Casa Cosmopolitan Cocktail

Whether you’re a Carrie or a Samantha, this cosmo would do the girls proud. Finding the perfect balance of sweet and zesty is just like finding the perfect partner. Sometimes it takes time. Lucky for us, we found it by season 2 of Sex and the City and have been sipping on it ever since. 

Our cosmopolitan has just the right mix of: 

  • Casa Vodka 
  • Cranberry juice 
  • Lime Juice 
  • Casa Orange Liqueur 

This pre-batched cosmopolitan is best enjoyed in a BIG glass and is the perfect bottomless brunch cocktail!

Available in 10 or 20 litre kegs. 

Cocktails on tap, saves you time 
Cocktails on tap, saves you money 
Cocktails on tap, makes you consistent